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9/25- Today Frankie Edgar & Chael Sonnen: MMA2DAY

MMA2DAY Show Special Guests Sunday September 25 Frankie Edgar & Chael  Sonnen

BOTH UFC FIGHTERS NEXT FIGHT :UFC 136 October 8, 2011, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Frankie Edgar Lightweight Title Holder 13-1-1 fighting: UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III

Main card

Preliminary card (Spike TV)

 Preliminary card (Facebook)


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Show Hosts: Jim Sweet, Tom Caprio Guest Co Host- Cole Miller,

Executive Producer: Penny Buffington

MMA2DAY Show a Sweet Sports and Entertainment Production began airing June 6, 2010. 

MORE INFO: http://pennyjomma.net/

Some Past Guests:


Jeff Monson   Jen Boronico   Tony Johnson   Travis Browne   Daniel Cormier   Marcus DaMatta   Bruce Buffer   Cole Miller   Jessica Aguilar   Shonie Carter 

Cung Le

Matt Hughes

Clay Guida

Jake Shields

Lacey Schuckman

Angela Magana

Sarah Kaufman

Chael Sonnen,

Jacob “Stitch” Duran

Brian Stann

Shane Del Rasario

Vladimir Matyushenko

Steve Mazzagatti

Joe Soto

David Mitchell

Spencer Paige

Mark Stevens

Rich Attonito

Josh Thompson

Mike Guymon

Billy Evangelista

Igor Almeida

KJ Noons

Donovan Craig

Diego Sanchez

Jorge Rivera

Fight Time Promotion’s CEO/Founder- Howard Davis Jr

Miesha Tate

Mike Bruno

Tim Kennedy

Dan Henderson

Mike Miller, Owner/Promoter of X-1 World Events

Gilbert Melendez

Erik Paulson

Danny Downes

Fabricio Werdum

Justin Wilcox

Gray Maynard

Jeremy Stephens

Jimmy Ninja Chaikong

Anthony Pettis

Nick Hinchliffe

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney

Mike Van Arsdale

Michael Shoffner

Kim Couture

Rich Franklin

Rashad Evans

Bellator Announcer- Sean Wheelock

Ronnie Mann

Thiago Alves

Mike Swick

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MMA2DAY Special Guest Sun. March 13: Gilbert Mele

MMA2DAY Special Guest Sun. March 13: Gilbert Melendez!

Gilbert Melendez (18-2) will make the second defense of his STRIKEFORCE Lightweight World Title against the powerful Tatsuya Kawajiri (27-6-2) 

Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley

MMA2DAY Show LIVE 7pm eastern time 4 pm pacific   MMA2DAY Show airs on WSBR 740 AM So. Florida as well as live on the internet.

MMA2DAY Show is a Sweet Sports & Entertainment Production
  Show Hosts Jim Sweet, Tom Caprio & Rusty MallettExecutive Producer: Penny Buffington Past Guests: Jessica Aguilar, Shonie Carter, Travis Browne, Cung Le, Matt Hughes, Clay Guida, Jake Shields, Lacey Schuckman, Angela Magana, Sarah Kaufman, Chael Sonnen, Jacob "Stitch" Duran, Brian Stann, Shane Del Rasario, Vladimir Matyushenko,Steve Mazzagatti, Joe Soto, David Mitchell, Jeff Monson, Spencer Paige, Mark Stevens, Rich Attonito, Josh Thompson, Mike Guymon,Billy Evangelista, Igor Almeida , KJ Noons, Donovan Craig, Diego Sanchez, Jorge Rivera, Fight Time Promotion's  CEO/Founder- Howard Davis Jr, Miesha Tate, Mike Bruno, Tim Kennedy, Dan Henderson, Mike Miller, Owner/Promoter of X-1 World Events
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MMA2DAY Show Guests Oct. 24: Nate Marquardt

MMA2DAY Show Guests Oct. 24: Nate Marquardt, KJ Noons & Fight! Magazine President

MMA2DAY Show (a Sweet Sports & Entertainment Production):

Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, 7:00 p.m. ET

Special Guests: Donovan Craig (President of Fight! Magazine)

K.J. Noons (Strikeforce)

and Nate Marquardt (fighting Yushin Okami on November 13, 2010 at UFC 122)

Plus, results and commentary of UFC 121 and Fight Time 2.

Brought to you by: BRICKHOUSE GEAR (Brickhousegear.com)

MMA2DAY on WSBR 740AM and live over the internet at:
www.mma2dayshow.com or http://www.pennyjomma.com/

MMA2DAY airs Sun. nights 7-9 pm eastern time. Show Hosts Jim Sweet and Tom Caprio
Executive Producer: Penny Buffington

Past Guests: Jessica Aguilar, Shonie Carter, Travis Browne, Cung Le, Matt Hughes, Clay Guida, Lacey Schuckman, Angela Magana, Sarah Kaufman, Chael Sonnen, Jacob "Stitch" Duran, Brian Stann, Shane Del Rasario, Vladimir Matyushenko,Steve Mazzagatti, Joe Soto, David Mitchell, Jeff Monson, Spencer Paige, Mark Stevens, Rich Attonito, Josh Thompson, Mike Guymon, Billy Evangelista, Igor Almeida</sup>
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UFC 120 - Bisping: “I couldn’t care less....

UFC 120 - Bisping: “I couldn’t care less who he trains with.”

Written by Penny Buffington

UFC 120: BISPING vs. AKIYAMA event is taking place Saturday, October 16.  live from the O2 Arena in London, England airing free on Spike TV.

The UFC 120 media conference gave Penny Buffington executive producer of MMA2DAY and other members of the media insight to the thoughts of the main event and co main event fighters from this event.

In attendance: the 2 middleweight fighters from the main event, Michael Bisbing vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama and the co main event, welterweights Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy.

 Despite the fact Michael Bisping was voted "Coolest Man in the UK" by readers of Zoo magazine and numerous articles describing him as hugely popular in the UK he humbly describes his life in England.

 He said “I live in a small town in the northwest of England, and I live with the same, you know, the same friends and family that I’ve grown up with my entire life. So, to be honest, nothing’s changed. You know, when I do venture out into cities and whatnot, yes, people do know who I am, I suppose. But, ultimately, I’m the same guy. I still live in the same place, the same small town, so not a lot’s changed. And because I still live there I’m able to train and just continue with my regular lifestyle.”

Michael "The Count" Bisping, 19 - 3 – 0, trains at The Wolfslair MMA Academy in Widnes, United Kingdom.

Yoshihiro "Sexyama" Akiyama, 13 - 2 – 0, is training out of Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Akiyama revealed he feels like he has a better takedown than Michael Bisping does.

Through his interrupter he elaborated that the confidence comes from training at Jackson’s, “He was able to learn the intricate skills of the takedowns, as well as better striking for MMA. And, most of all, he was able to learn how to deliver a good three rounds of fight in the cage.”

Bisping was apparently unimpressed, “In terms of preparation, it doesn’t change anything. With respect, I couldn’t care less who he trains with. He can train with anyone. What I’m focusing on these days is what I do, focusing on my training. And he can worry about what I’m bringing to the table. And so, you know, as I said, my training’s going fantastic. I feel in great shape. I’ve improved all my areas.”


Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, 23 - 7 – 0, is associated with Team Rough Houselocated in Sneinton, Nottingham. He is currently ranked by Sherdog as the #4 welterweight fighter in the world. Hardy says of his opponent, “I’m looking forward to taking him down and choking him out.”

Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit, 25 - 5 - 0, also trains at the popular camp of Greg Jackson: Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts. Condit is the one who requested a fight with Hardy. His reasoning: “Well, for one, Hardy’s got status in the UFC right now. He was the number one contender. So a win over him would, you know, probably catapult me up the rankings.”

Sometimes the most revealing things are said after the conference is over. As the operator announced to President of the UFC UK division all questions had been asked by the media Dan and Carlos had a little more to add:

Dan Hardy: “Get on the plane, Carlos. Get on that plane, man. Look forward to it.”

Carlos Condit: “Do it.”

Dan Hardy: “So I can knock you out.”

Fans can watch and find out this Saturday.

MMA2DAY airs on WSBR radio out of s. Florida. And live on the internet. Info can be found at http://pennyjomma.com/ or http://www.sweetsportsandentertainm

MMA2DAY began airing June 6, 2010 - already we have had some very special guests and we will continue to bring you the best in MMA.

This Sundays guest will be KJ Noons.

Some past MMA2DAY guests include, Josh Thompson, Jessica Aguilar, Shonie Carter, Travis Browne, Cung Le, Matt Hughes, Clay Guida, Lacey Schuckman, Angela Magana, Sarah Kaufman, Chael Sonnen, Jacob "Stitch" Duran, Brian Stann, Shane Del Rasario, Vladimir Matyushenko, Steve Mazzagatti, Joe Soto, David Mitchell, Jeff Monson, Spencer Paige, Mark Stevens, Rich Attonito, & Mike Guymon.

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Legal or Not Here They Come

Legal or Not Here They Come


Written by Penny Buffington

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 kicked off its first episode Sept. 15<sup>th</sup> on Spike TV with the first 2 fights being that of the 2 Jefferson County men that made it on the show. The first round of fights determines if the contestant gets to continue. This would allow them to move into the house, become the final cast mates and get the chance to become The Ultimate Fighter. Pretty simple 2 – 5 min rounds in the octagon: You win: you’re in. You lose: you go home.

Winning the Ultimate Fighter could be huge for one of these upstate NY boys, potentially thrusting them into the explosively popular world of the UFC. The winner of the show gets a contract guaranteeing them a stipulated amount of fights with the UFC.  If one of them wins the show, the fights wherever held, will not be in their hometown state. Mixed martial arts competitions are still illegal in the state of New York.  It is legal in all other states except 6 of them.

The first fight was between Marc Stevens and TJ O’Brien. Marc resides in Lorraine NY. He owns Jiu Jitsu Nation located in Watertown. He says he has over 300 students. He has a mixed martial arts record of 12 wins 5 losses.

The coaches on the show are current UFC welterweight title holder Georges St-Pierre and season 1 contestant Josh Koscheck. After the shows finale these 2 will fight for that title on Dec 11<sup>th</sup>. Stevens says, “I actually wrestled for Josh Koscheck at the University of Buffalo. I don’t have an ongoing relationship with him but he does know me a little bit.”

Just before the fight began Josh told UFC President Dana White, “He is an ok wrestler but, we’ll see.”

What we saw was a striker! While referee Steve Mazzagatti watched over in just 13 seconds Marc defeated his opponent with strikes to the face; TKO victory. Happy with his win Marc yells to Josh, “Remember me now?” To which Josh laughs with Dana White and replies, “Yes we do.” He also said, “I think probably a record for the Ultimate Fighter. I don’t think I have ever seen one that quick.”

St Pierre added, “Marc Stevens has got a lot of power. He is a very, very dangerous guy.”

The next match up featured Watertown resident and manager of CNY MMA Gym located in Watertown as well: Spencer Paige and Steve Magedaleno . Spencer has a mixed martial arts record of 7 wins 2 losses.

After an exciting match lasting both rounds the fight ended by unanimous decision Paige being the victor.

Now it’s official both New Yorkers are in contention to be THE Ultimate Fighter. The show airs Wed nights at 10 pm eastern time.

Spencer Paige at CNY MMA

Photo taken by Eddie Buffington




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UFC Media Conference-The Ultimate Fighter Coaches

The UFC Media conference was held on Sept 14<sup>th</sup> leading up to the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 12 airing Wed. Sept 15 on Spike TV.  After the finale of the show the 2 coaches: Georges and Josh will fight for the title on Dec 11<sup>th</sup>. They previously fought each other back in 2007 Georges "Rush" St. Pierre won by unanimous decision after 3 rounds. St Pierre is the current UFC welterweight title holder.

According to St Pierre, Josh "Kos" Koscheck told Penny Buffington executive producer of MMA2DAY and other members of the media lies. “On this interview right now he just said 2 lies. The 1<sup>st</sup> lie was that he is happy to be fighting in Montreal that is not true. He is not happy at all and the 2<sup>nd</sup> lie is that I am a fake person. I am not fake, that is not true at all. I never derail from the person that I am and for what I stand for.”

Koscheck responded, “Let’s get this for the record, Mr. St Pierre; I am not lying about coming to Montreal. I am actually excited about it and I can’t wait to get there and you are going to see on Dec 11<sup>th</sup> how excited I am about being in Montreal. Whether it’s in Vegas, whether it’s in Pittsburg, whether it’s in Montreal, I am still coming to whip your ass.”

Later during the conference “Rush” said, “I am not defiantly working on the one thing or the other.” (Referring to wrestling)  “I am always sharpening up everything. I try to sharpen up all my skills pretty much equally. I try to be a complete fighter and well, he doesn’t know what I am going to do to him.”


Georges has a mixed martial arts record of 20 - 2 - 0. Josh’s record is 15 - 4 – 0. The 2 times that Georges did lose were to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. He then fought both for a second time and won.

Both coaches seemed committed to the coaching process with comments like the one Josh gave, “When I was on The Ultimate Fighter Season One I was with Chuck Liddell and he was getting ready to fight Randy Couture. He was undefeated for 2 years. I obviously looked up to him and respected him as a fighter and as a person. I defiantly tried to think about that experience when I was on The Ultimate Fighter and tried to give to these guys the experience that I had with Chuck.”

St. Pierre coached on a previous season of The Ultimate Fighter- Season 4. He explained he had other coaching experience as well. “This was not his first coaching experience.”  he explained, “I have coached before; I was working for a governmental program helping teenager kids. It was in the beginning of my career. So, it’s not my first experience but it’s just weird to be coaching guys that are actually going to be in the octagon. This is a whole nother level. It’s a good experience.”

Season 12 is made up of 28 lightweights. Their names are: JJ Ambrose, Paul Barrow, Jason Brenton, Jonathan Brookins, Mike Budnik, Alex Caceres, Sako Chivitchian, Joseph Duffy, Pablo Garza, Toby Grear, Daniel Head, Michael Johnson, Amir Khillah, Jeff Lentz, Sevak Magakian, Steve Magdaleno, Andy Main, Cody McKenzie, T. J. O'Brien, Spencer Paige, Nam Phan, Michael Richman, Dane Sayers, Ariel Sexton, Marc Stevens, Kyle Watson, Ran Weathers, and Aaron Wilkinson.

Koscheck says, “I think our fights are all exciting and it is defiantly going to be a good season.”

UFC Fight Night MARQUARDT vs PALHARES also airs on Spike TV Sept 15 before The Ultimate Fighter.

MMA2DAY had 2 cast members from season 12 Marc Stevens and Spencer Paige on last Sundays show. More info can be found at http://www.pennyjomma.com/


Cast Member Marc Stevens fighting out of Watertown, NY






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Mark Stevens and Spencer Page MMA2DAY Guests Sund

MMA2DAY Guests 9/12/2010 7pm eastern timeThe Ultimate Fighter Season 12 cast members: Spencer Paige Fighting out of Watertown, NY, Record: 5-2& Also fighting out of Watertown, NY Marc Stevens: owner of Jiu Jitsu Nation, Record: 12-5.

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